Saturday, February 28, 2015

March 1st

Shining Sunday! Sundays are ruled by the Sun. Today the Sun is in Pisces and joining energies with Neptune as well as Priapus-a lucky mathematical point that is plentiful. This is a good day for large projects and spiritual practice. The Moon will be in Cancer until 3:35 P.M; then go into fiery Leo! Have a great day! Ann Combs (206) 286-1944

Friday, February 27, 2015

Moon in Cancer

For Saturday: Today the Moon will be in Cancer all day and you can feel your deepest happiness! Saturdays are ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in Sagittarius and this can indicate delays in connection with travel-sorry! Saturn is getting a lot of love from both Mars and Venus giving leadership ability and courage! Saturn is squaring the Sun shoving us forward! This is a good day for completing projects and reaping rewards! Ann Combs (206) 286-1944

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Moon in Cancer

For Lucky Friday: The Moon will swim into the sign of the deepest happiness at 4:51 A.M. The Moon will also be opposite Galactic Center giving a full Moon effect! Your feelings are expansive! Fridays are ruled by the lucky love star Venus! Venus is in Aries and feeling some sass from pairing up with lively Mars! Venus is getting a lot of love from good aspects from other planets. Jupiter the over the top good luck planet is making the lucky trine giving personal and financial good luck! NICE! Ann Combs (206) 286-1944

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Moon in Gemini

For Lucky Thursday! The Moon will be in light hearted Gemini all day! Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter the planet of positive expansion and good fortune! And Jup's getting the love today. There's an alignment with the Moon that gives harmony, opportunities and original energy! Not to be out shined Uranus the planet of friendship and illumination is making the luckiest aspect of all (the trine) to Jupiter! This gives amazing intuition and great synchronicity with the future! Good can happen from out of the blue! Have a good one! Ann Combs (206) 286-1944

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Moon in Gemini

For Wednesday: Today the Moon will be in the loves to communicate sign of Gemini all day. Wednesdays are ruled by Mercury the planet of learning, smarts and messages. Mercury will be in it's exaltation (in Aquarius) all day giving it most excellent energy! Mercury is pooling intelligence by pairing with Vesta-a small planet in between Mars and Jupiter. Vesta is about nurturing your inner creative fire and is patient. Mercury is also making the lucky trine to the Moon giving your intuition a boost and your ability to learn brilliance! FUN! Ann Combs (206) 286-1944

Monday, February 23, 2015

Moon in Taurus

For Tuesday: Today the Moon will be in Taurus until 8:55 P.M; then go into Gemini! Moon in Taurus is the easy Moon-low drama, simple and loving! This is cause to celebrate! Tuesdays are ruled by Mars the action planet! Mars is very happy in Aries paired with the lucky in love star Venus. Both are getting some support from a lucky trine with Saturn giving stability and rewards! Have a great day! Ann Combs (206) 286-1944

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Moon in Taurus

Mondays are ruled by the Moon. Today the Moon is in gentle Taurus all day! There is much good to sing about! There's a lucky trine to Pluto giving the ability to lovingly feel your connection to those you will love forever! The Moon is also square goody bags Jupiter. This square is fun and builds confidence. It's a spending square so look the other way if the "temptation" is too much! Also not good for stunts so if you've going to learn cliff diving stall until the square is over. Great for feeling positive self expression! JOY! Audiocasts are available and they rock! (206) 286-1944 * Ann Combs*